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We Are a Full Bar & Fine Dining Restaurant

Nestled in the quaint heart of Timisoara’s old town lies Le Palatine, a sanctuary of culinary finesse encased in a vintage allure. The U-shaped fine dining haven encircles an enchanting massive wood bar, the nucleus from where gastronomic artistry radiates. As you step in, the aura of classic elegance beckons, with polished wooden tables and soft cushioned chairs inviting you to a realm where every sense is to be pampered.

The meticulous design, featuring thick drapes cascading down large windows, vintage chandeliers casting a warm glow, and exquisite paintings adorning the brick walls, whispers tales of bygone grandeur. Each corner of Le Palatine is not just meticulously designed, but narrates a story, offering a sublime backdrop to the gastronomic journey awaiting patrons.

Private Hire

November 2023 – February 2024

Initially opening its majestic doors for private hires, Le Palatine is set to be the epitome of personalized luxury for celebratory occasions. Be it a Christmas gala, a corporate toast, a wedding banquet, or a christening ceremony, every event here is tailored to transcend ordinary celebrations into memories cherished forever. During this exclusive phase, the promise of an unforgettable bespoke experience beckons the crème de la crème of society to commemorate life’s milestones amidst a setting as unique and special as the occasions it hosts.


A La Carte Revelations

Commencing March 2024

Come March 2024, the curtains will rise to unveil Le Palatine’s a la carte menu, inviting one and all to indulge in a curated selection of culinary masterpieces. The transition from an exclusive event venue to a fine dining bastion open to all, marks the beginning of an everyday indulgence in gourmet excellence. Amidst an ambiance reminiscent of classic opulence, every meal is a voyage through the essence of fine dining, with each course being a narrative of flavor, innovation, and tradition.

Fine Dining.
Craft Cocktails.
Good Eats.
Great Hospitality.

Le Palatine isn’t merely a restaurant; it’s an ode to timeless elegance, a tribute to culinary artistry and a haven for those seeking to revel in the epitome of fine dining.

Your table at Le Palatine is not just a reservation; it’s the prologue to a story waiting to be penned down in the annals of gastronomic splendor.

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Private Parties & Events

The restaurant seats up to 130 guests and we can offer a range of menu options and work with you to create a bespoke experience that fits your requirements and suits your budget.

The bar program at Le Palatine will focus on refined cocktails, with a special emphasis on spirits, particularly rum and whisky. We are also excited to announce collaborations with local wineries, bringing a varied and high-quality selection of Romanian wines, thus enriching the culinary experience of our customers.

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Le Palatine Hotel & Restaurant Timisoara

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Le Palatine restaurant is available for full private hires including private parties, wedding receptions, business lunches and corporate dinners, hosted wine events and more.

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